mTuitive’s Solution for NHS COSD Reporting Requirements

Use xPert for NHS COSD Requirements


Working with the NHS, mTuitive has adopted the reporting templates needed to comply with the standardised COSD requirements for structured data reporting on cancer pathology cases. mTuitive maintains the RCPath Datasets and conformance with the COSD Pathology reporting requirements to feed Cancer Registries for NHS Hospitals in the UK.

xPert's ability to support the pathology-specific schema to support structured XML submissions from January 2016 makes this a powerful tool for conforming to standards while also easily submitting the necessary information to various LIS systems, Cancer Registries, and other health systems.

RCPath Lung1(Click to Enlarge)

mTuitive is the global leader for synoptic reporting solutions for healthcare and has already adopted many other templates and schemas for reporting requirements. Whether it's College of American Pathologists (CAP), Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), or the NHS COSD standards, mTuitive is here to support your needs for pathology structured data capture. mTuitive is currently working with hospitals in Leeds and Dorset on implementing structured data solutions for COSD pathology requirements.

RCPath Lung2 (Click to Enlarge)

For more information, or to see a demo of how the product works with your reporting needs, please contact us today or call +44 20 3287 PATH (7284).