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"The mTuitive program has been a valuable tool added to our pathology practice. It allows us to report on cancer parameters in the most up to date and standardized way, which in turn helps facilitate appropriate patient management and foster a team-based approach to cancer care."
Dr. Joseph Wasielewski, Chief of Pathology and Medical Director of the TBRHSC lab
"Our physician partners are now able to complete operative notes and sign them online in a seamless, effortless manner, in a fraction of the time compared to verbal dictation. No longer do we need to chase after surgeons to complete an operative report or sign a dictation weeks after the procedure."
David Grischkan, MD
"Surgeons need to know how important it is to collect data this way. You're not just dictating your operative report so you have something in the hospital chart – everybody’s looking at this stuff now. OpNote is how the surgical report should be created."
Deanna Attai, MD
"The mTuitive program is simple to use and adds comprehensive value to our reports. AJCC inspector was quite impressed with our computer linked reporting system."
Dr. Paul Cook, Phelps County Regional Medical Center
"Surgeons are such an individual breed - but because mTuitive put this “individuality” into OpNote, where physicians can express themselves in their own words while retaining the structured data, I became convinced that this is the way to go."
H. Walter Kaess, MD
"This has been the easiest MEDITECH interface implementation that I have done to date, and I have done many."
Peter Cox, Clinical Applications Analyst at Sudbury
"I like the idea of being able to create an operative report that is complete and comprehensive in a very rapid and efficient way. I review a number of medical legal reports, both for the medical association and for various attorneys, and have been struck by the disorganization and deficiencies of non-standardized dictations. OpNote has made it easy to create a complete, standardized report generated in a rapid and intuitive manner."
John Mattson, MD
"I signed out a radical prostatectomy case today myself and it was a breeze. It was easier for me to do it myself than to dictate and it made me more efficient."
Dr. Ricky Johnson, Southeastern Regional Medical Center
"I saw the immediate value in OpNote – in terms of the efficiency that it created for physicians, the accuracy in documentation, the ability (because it’s digitized) to search and report. And to expand on the accuracy in reporting: it’s not just accuracy in the details but the accuracy in coding, which then turns into quicker and improved reimbursement assistance."
Seth Goldberg, MD
"I am happy to write about mTuitive’s xPert for Pathology product because I believe that it is an excellent one…In addition, the mTuitive Support team is extremely responsive and courteous. I will be happy to speak to anyone who may want to talk to me or my colleagues about our experience with mTuitive."
Ramon Blanco, MD, FCAP, Chief of Pathology at Falmouth (MA) Hospital
"Beyond the cost savings on a per procedure basis, the real benefit is the tremendous improvement in cash flow resulting from a more rapid billing process that is driven by a much quicker operative report process. Nothing in my experience has made such a significant, positive impact in cash flow as mTuitive's program for operative notes"
David Grischkan, MD
"I have had the opportunity to view other synoptic tools and find that the mTuitive model is by far superior in its ease of use and the fact that the output is displayed for the user in one window."
Dr. Mahmoud Khalifa, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Interim Chief of Anatomic Pathology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Professor at University of Toronto
"Medical practices require a special employee to review all these reports and codes – and that’s just not cost or time effective. The delay in getting the operative reports was something we noticed – this new system will eliminate those delays."
Roger Chabra, MD
"Beyond the cost savings on a per procedure basis, the real benefit is the tremendous improvement in cash flow resulting from a more rapid billing process that is driven by a much quicker operative report process. Nothing in my experience has made such a significant, positive impact in cash flow as mTuitive's program for operative notes"
David Grischkan, MD
"Our pathology group serves four hospitals with a combined surgical pathology load of about 30,000 specimens annually. With such a load and with the new requirements to comply with College of American Pathologists’ Cancer Protocols for surgical pathology reporting, mTuitive’s xPert for Pathology is just what we needed."
Ramon Blanco, MD, FCAP, Chief of Pathology at Falmouth (MA) Hospital
"After a short learning curve, surgeons will find that SourcePlus OpNote is faster than dictating and far less onerous for surgeons as the repetition present in 90% of operative reports is eliminated. We now produce superior operative reports while generating additional revenue."
John Mattson, MD

Board of Directors

John J. O'Connor (Chairman)

John joined the board in April of 2007 and was elected Chairman and special adviser at that time. He was previously a Vice Chairman at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he had responsibility for their lines of service, marketing and operations. He spent 33 years at PwC and had previously served as the head of the US audit practice and managing partner of the Boston office. He led the development of PwC's Health Industries practice, a leading provider of services to the healthcare industry. He serves on the board of Aspect Medical Solutions and is a Trustee at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

John Murphy

John Murphy is a partner in Clarence Ventures, an early stage fund focused on start-up technology companies. In this role, he has been actively involved in launching seven new companies. John is an accountant and financial manager by training and experience. Immediately prior to his involvement with Clarence, he was a senior executive and member of the Board of Directors of Software 2000, Inc. (Infinium Software), now a part of SSA Global. John held the positions of Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Sales Operations and Managing Director of an independent business unit. Prior to Software 2000, he spent fifteen years in healthcare administration and financial management. John has an undergraduate degree from Babson College and a Masters degree from Western New England College, both in Business Administration. He has taught courses in healthcare and financial management at the graduate level at Lesley College and Western New England College. He currently sits on the boards of five private companies and several charitable organizations.

Donald Emery

Donald Emery was an executive at Software 2000/Infinium. He was the Vice-Chairman of the Board and early investor in the company. Sandwiched around a ten year career on Wall Street as an investment banker, the majority of his professional career has been spent as an entrepreneur. Don is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School and his forte is corporate finance and business strategy. He has been an entrepreneur and private investor in startups for more than thirty years, beginning with the startup of importer-retailer Pier One Imports, a New York Stock Exchange Company.

John Gomez

John Gomez has been working in the IT industry for over 25 years with half of that time devoted to emerging, successful companies in the Health IT sphere. His career is marked with extensive commercial software product design and development experience - including developing a B2B App-Store for Healthcare. In 2010, HIStalk called John "the Steve Jobs of Healthcare Information Technology." After working as Senior Technologist/Architect for Microsoft for over ten years, John went on to become the CTO for WebMD. From there, John became the CTO and later President of AllScripts/Eclipsys for many years where he successfully led $1.4 billion international product portfolio for that leading healthcare company. Currently, John is CEO of JGO Labs, LLC, a software development firm that focuses on the development of gaming and analytic products that rely heavily on artificial intelligence and advanced computing.

Kathy Rowell

Kathy Rowell is the Founder and Principal of Katherine S. Rowell & Associates, LLC, and has over 25 years of experience working with providers, payers, policy makers and regulatory agencies. Her work includes successfully establishing the Massachusetts General Hospital Codman Center for Clinical Effectiveness and rolling out the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP)—the first risk-adjusted and validated surgical outcome program in the world—to over 300 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the NSQIP, Kathy led the development of the American College of Surgeons Pediatric Quality Measurement programs and Bariatric Accreditation Programs; and was the Principle Investigator of the NIH SBIR Grant “Using Pre-Operative Variables to Predict Length of Stay.” Kathy is a recipient of the prestigious Partners in Excellence Award for leadership and innovation, and is a highly sought-after speaker at Grand Rounds and healthcare conferences. Some of her recent clients include the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the World Health Organization, the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative and the Baylor Health Care Systems. She is on the faculty at Brandeis University’s Medical Informatics Graduate Program and is a charter member of the Collaborative Care Technology Work Group.