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Addressing Usability Concerns Through Design and Analysis

Human Factors Division

mTuitive's Human Factors Division provides design and analysis services to address usability concerns for products and processes. We know that successful software and products must help users achieve their goals in the most simple, efficient and intuitive way possible. We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of the users' goals, responsibilities and work environment.

We use tools like task analysis, interviewing potential and current users and contextual observation to do that. Once we know the users' needs and capabilities we use an iterative, design-test-redesign-retest development process that can include rapid user interface prototyping and usability testing to assess designs.

Services Offered

Task Analysis

A thorough examination of the user's job including responsibilities, people and process dependencies, sub-tasks, timeline and deliverable products. Task analysis will generally include on-site interviews and direct observation of users and often of their customers and clients.

User Interface Analysis

  1. Specialist Review: A human factors specialist reviews a product and provides design feedback and recommendations based on established principles

  2. Usability Testing: A human factors specialist conducts interface testing with actual or representative users. Depending on the product and other requirements usability testing can be performed remotely over the Web, face-to-face at the customer site, or at mTuitive facilities.

  3. Cognitive Workload Assessment: User interfaces place various cognitive demands on the user while the user is carrying out a task. These demands are made of memory, attention, motor resources and visual resources among others. Cognitive workload analysis can identify processing demands that can lead to degraded performance because they stress or exceed people's capabilities. This assessment can influence user interface design to remove or anticipate human processing bottlenecks.


mTuitive currently has multiple user interfaces and integrated additional functionality to optimize myriad workflows. Visit our User Interface pages to learn more about current options and solutions.


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