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Agile Author

Agile Author is a software application that permits institutions to make their own modifications to existing xPert Products.

Following an Agile Author training session, your institution's personnel will become xPert Knowledge Engineers. Knowledge Engineers are able to:

  1. modify existing checklists to modify and create new sections

  2. import your hospitals' existing paper or electronic checklists

  3. create default selections and automated calculations

  4. create logic to capture required diagnosis and billing codes

  5. personalize the final report format

Knowledge Engineering Community

Knowledge engineers are experts at constructing improved meaningful and useful templates. Using our discussion forums, Experts and Knowledge Engineers can share ideas and collaborate on development of standardized templates.

As new templates are created at our hospital sites, they are shared among other institutions. Collaborative development helps eliminate duplicate efforts and saves time and costs. Advanced training classes and tips are available as well.

User Interface

Agile Author utilizes a unique and simple-to-use interface that allows easy adoption. Non-technical users can become Knowledge Engineers quickly and efficiently. The speed and flexibility required to handle ongoing changes to best practices and protocols is a core benefit of product and architecture. >>Click Here to View a Video Demonstration of Agile Author<<


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