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Comply with new reporting requirements from American College of Surgeons' Commission On Cancer


The American College of Surgeons (ACS) and its Commission On Cancer (CoC) unveiled new standards that facilities must meet to remain in compliance with CoC accreditation (and audits). This new initiative is the Cancer Surgery Standards Program, or CSSP.

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation standards, Optimal Resources for Cancer Care, include six new operative standards. Standards 5.3 through 5.8 were developed from standards described in Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery Volumes I & II (OSCS).


The standards include specific synoptic fields for the following procedures:

  • Standard 5.3 - Breast Sentinel Node Biopsy

  • Standard 5.4 - Breast Axillary Dissection

  • Standard 5.5 - Primary Cutaneous Melanoma

  • Standard 5.6 - Colon Resection

  • Standard 5.7 - Total Mesorectal Excision

  • Standard 5.8 - Pulmonary Resection

Requirements for synoptic operative reports are only increasing. Professional organizations and institutions are requiring more structured fields to maintain accreditation every year. mTuitive Surgery is the solution that meets these requirements.

mTuitive extends its previous Pathology reporting expertise, capturing vitalcancer information as structured data, into the surgical world with mTuitive Surgery. mTuitive Surgery is a web-based surgical synoptic solution that can integrate with your EHR, work as a standalone, or other options as need be. Facilities can combine information from pathology and surgical synoptics to create powerful, complete data to improve patients' treatments and outcomes.


There are synoptic reporting requirements for surgeries...

Dr. Steven  Schwaitzberg 
Medical Director of Surgical Program 

Kaleida Health

As far as being compliant with the standards, we’re way above the minimum thresholds with mTuitive Surgery. We are excited about the future benefits of the system including the ability to harvest data, tie it together with pathology synoptic reporting, and garner insights from patient data analytics over time.


Guaranteed Compliance

mTuitive maintains all of the standards, updating and adding new ones each time there's a new release from CSSP. Ensure compliance without stealing hours and resources from your staff.

Structured Reporting Is Better

Efficient Workflow

mTuitive Surgery can integrate with your EHR to launch quickly and easily without disrupting the workflows of your staff. mTuitive Surgery is easy-to-use, producing a comprehensive report with all of the required fields that can be sent automatically into health IT systems and other physicians.

Electronic synoptic reports are 41% more accurate than unstructured transcription operative reports—or unstructured text-based templates. They have 75% less errors, cost $9 less per report, and are available to the record and referring physicians faster.

Improved Quality Assurance

Facilitate the capture of performance and quality improvement data for enhanced patient care and quality initiatives like PQRI.

An example of an OpNote Final Synoptic Operative Report
A screenshot of OpNote's user interface, depicting editing a cancer report

Enhanced Data Capture and Use

mTuitive Surgery works with EHRs, scheduling systems, perioperative systems, and more to seamlessly bring in information and expediently send it back out. This data can be used for detailed analytics, disease registries, device databases, and demographic research that eliminates redundant response entry.




mTuitive can tailor each report to satisfy CSSP requirements while also adjusting to each facility's workflow and preferences.These customizations can be revised and maintained by mTuitive itself.


Reports can have ICD, CPT, PQRMS, J-Codes, and more calculated as need be for prompt reimbursement and continuity-of care

Fast Reporting

Reports available minutes after surgery to referring physicians, billing staff, and medical records.

OpNote Analytics1.png
OpNote analytics2.png


Structured data allows physicians, researchers, and more to analyze information and statistics for promoting best practices and most effective treatments. This information can also be used to see how individual surgeons are doing and improve performances where needed.


mTuitive is one of only a couple of organizations in the world that already offers structured synoptic reporting for surgeries. Not only have we been authoring, updating, and maintaining cancer requirements for operative reports for many years, but we also have handled implementing pathology synoptic requirements for almost two decades.


We can work within any hospital IT system and within any particular workflows for each facility. Avoid penalties from Commission On Cancer audits. Don't add unnecessary burdens to already busy staff members by tasking them with updating and maintaining these new requirements in reporting. Ensure compliance, completeness, and cost-effectiveness with mTuitive Surgery.

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