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Technical Support Engineer

mTuitive is seeking someone to implement cloud-based and on-premise mTuitive software for healthcare facilities. A key position in helping clients plan, architect, and implement our solutions—including servers, network connectivity, interfaces.


Responsibilities will include:

  • Installing and configuring products for new customers.

  • Working closely with our development team deploying solutions and monitoring usage.

  • Compiling post-implementation documentation.

  • Troubleshooting technical problems that are escalated from front-line customer support.

  • Implementing and supporting solutions on AWS, Azure, and hospital networks.

  • Working extensively with Microsoft servers, ASP.NET applications, and SQL Server, as well as desktop applications.


Basic Requirements:

  • Experience implementing, configuring, and managing systems. Networks, servers, PCs, etc.

  • Information Technology abilities that demonstrate comfort using the command line on Windows Server and/or Linux. Ability to script and automate tasks to streamline workflow (with Powershell or Bash). Familiarity with Windows Server and client operating systems including the functionality of user rights and file/folder permissions, network protocols, firewalls, and troubleshooting all of the above.

  • Maintaining strong security protocols for yourself as well as a keen awareness of best practices for security in general.

  • Communicating with colleagues, customers, and more as the role requires a great deal of interaction and collaboration. mTuitive will ask for a writing sample during the hiring process.



Preferred Skills/Experience:

  • Managing solutions and deploying to AWS or Azure environments following secure best practices.

  • Experience writing “how-to” help or technical documents.

  • Experience working in an environment compliant with SOC2, ISO 27001, HITRUST, or other security frameworks.



Please send applications to Creative applications are welcomed.

Healthcare Software Engineer

mTuitive is seeking someone to help create innovative software products for physicians and other medical professionals. Making meaningful, original contributions to mTuitive's core products while working with mTuitive leadership, customers, and design team to refine and communicate requirements.


Responsibilities will include:

  • Writing tests, developing features, and shipping them.

  • Working with users on support issues that are escalated.

  • Communicating with colleagues, customers, and more as the role requires a great deal of interaction and collaboration. mTuitive will ask for a writing sample during the hiring process.

  • External, customer-focused collaboration working with subject matter experts, users, and other advisors to develop, refine, and support solutions.



Essential Skills:

  • Excellent coding skills are required. It’s less important what stack you know as much as what knowledge, skills, and love for coding you possess. Ideally, you know multiple languages and frameworks well, embrace design patterns, and constantly refining your craft.

  • Full-stack development, equally comfortable with front-end and back-end coding.

  • Internal collaboration with colleagues by teaching and sharing your skills...and code libraries!


Preferred Skills:

  • .NET (C#): Experience coding in the .NET environment using C#. ASP.NET MVC and other web frameworks are a bonus.

  • Javascript: Comfortable with modern Javascript in the browser and/or using node.

  • Use git for version control.

  • Azure/AWS: Familiar with deployment and management of apps on both of these popular cloud services.

  • Experience with operational ownership of products after shipping (systems admin, customer support, etc.).



Backgrounds That Are A Plus:

  • Healthcare Integration: HL7, FHIR, Mirth.

  • Data science and analytics experience.

  • R and Python experience.

  • Medical experience or knowledge.



Please send applications to Creative applications are welcomed.

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