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Will this year's mandatory changes to AB2325 help you to move your pathology reporting into the future?

California is no longer subsidizing ePath software, which may open your lab to a true future-ready solution...

The key to turning this disruption into an opportunity will lie in gaining a clear understanding of all your possible solutions for reporting that are compliant with CCR/CAP/COC standards. You should know what the upside of implementing a structured data approach is and have enough data to conduct a solid cost-benefit analysis with your whole team.


We've prepared an assessment guide to help you frame a robust discussion among your clinical, administrative, and IT stakeholders. If it prompts further curiosity about better solutions, we'd love to tell you more about mTiutive Pathology-considered by many to be the premier reporting solution for surgical pathologists around the world.


Learn more about mTuitive Pathology


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