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Capture your structured data and put it to work.

mTuitive, Inc. develops data capture and synoptic reporting software for health care professionals to record clinical findings, maintain compliance with requirements and guidelines, and utilize data for downstream purposes. We don't just capture your data—we make it useful.

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American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer requires all accredited sites to implement synoptic surgical reporting standards by 2023. Learn what they are and how mTuitive OpNote helps you maintain compliance and update content.


Pathology Solutions

The mTuitive program [...] helps facilitate appropriate patient management and foster a team-based approach to cancer care.

Dr. Joseph Wasielewski, Chief of Pathology and Medical Director of the TBRHSC lab

Surgery Solutions

OpNote lets me quickly create detailed reports from anywhere, instantly producing reports that look great and are easy to read.

Christopher L. Wixon, MD. President and Managing Partner, Savannah Vascular and Cardiac Institute

Custom Solutions

mTuitive enables us to capture and utilize the amazing amount of information contained in reports in a meaningful way.

Dr. Jared Ament, MD


Clinisys and mTuitive unveil partnership at Digital Pathology and AI Congress

The integration of the xPert synoptic reporting solution with the WinPath Enterprise laboratory information system and the VUE diagnostic console can transform the creation of reports and returns.

Genomics England and NPIC deploy mTuitive xPert for Pathology

mTuitive will construct detailed diagnostic information for over 15,000 participants across 20 different cancer types and will form a key part of the Genomics England cancer data program.

mTuitive Promotes Glen Conway to Vice President of International Operations

The leader in data enablement solutions for digital pathology and surgical oncology paves way for international growth

Why mTuitive?


Healthcare organizations require instantaneous availability of accurate information. mTuitive combines knowledge delivery, decision assistance, and electronic capture of discrete data into a coherent process for its users.

Our solutions yield more informed decisions, eliminate wasted resources, and make information instantly accessible to the people who need it.

Our intelligent, easy-to-use, flexible user interfaces simplify data entry while ensuring compliance with applicable guidelines.

mTuitive works with all EHR, LIS, and other health systems to increase efficiency, avoid redundancy, and unleash the power of data for improved outcomes.


mTuitive is looking for talented Technical Support and Software Engineers. Want to work with us to build the future of healthcare reporting? Check out our Careers page!

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