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College of American Pathologists' Cancer Templates Have Arrived

Pretty regularly the College of American Pathologists (or CAP) releases updates of its electronic Cancer Checklists (or eCC's). These updated eCC's include new fields, terms, options, titles, and even new templates to be used. This allows anatomical pathologists to report on a far greater number of cases while capturing that vital information in a structured data format. These synoptic reports can then feed into cancer registries, EHRs, or other locations that allow for enhanced research and uniformity of study.

The 2019 edition of the CAP eCC's are now available for mTuitive users. ​mTuitive is the first vendor to release the 2019 eCC to customers. At mTuitive, we enhance the eCC's with additional validations, rules, and calculations — then perform extensive quality assurance testing.

Curious about what has been changed? Want to see the new titles, which eCC's have had some revision, and which ones have been retired? Then check out this handy document from mTuitive on the latest CAP 2019 Template changes.

In addition to changes to the content of the CAP eCC's, mTuitive users will find there are also updates to functionality in CAP eFRM/xPert for Pathology. These changes make the lists easier to navigate and more efficient to fill out completely. To read about those changes to the software, please head on over to this document about mTuitive's additional functions for CAP 2019.

As is always the case, if you have any questions about preparing your site for deployment or how mTuitive can help ensure you remain in compliance with the latest CAP checklists, please contact us at or call 508.771.5800.


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