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Interview: Quality Assurance Case Study

Those that have been following mTuitive know that we recently acquired some Quality Assurance products for pathology labs last year. After a few months of users applying them to their workflows and improving lab outcomes, we're happy to publish the following interview mTuitive conducted with AU Medical Center's (AUMC) AP Lab in Georgia. Jean Baumflek, Director of Development for Quality Products, sat down with Nancy Willis and Jennifer Hathcox of AUMC to discuss how xPert for Peer Review has impacted their workflow and lives in the lab.

The interview is a short read but covers what prompted the purchase of xPert for Peer Review as well as how lab directors and personnel are currently using it to improve their QA process. You can download the interview below by clicking on the link:

If you have any questions about how mTuitive can help your lab with quality assurance, please contact us by calling 508.771.5800 or emailing


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