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Keeping Your Users in Complete Compliance

Knowledge Engineering Services

mTuitive has a team of Knowledge Engineers who will work with your experts to create new templates geared at keeping your users in compliance with the institution's protocols.

Whether it be a simple tweak to the current protocols you have working in your xPert Application, or creating a completely new protocol from scratch, mTuitive can help you complete the task.

What is a Knowledge Engineer?

Knowledge engineers are experts at constructing meaningful, useful and simplistic protocols. mTuitive Knowledge Engineers break down the information passed on by their pathologists to create standard templates that comply with department quality reporting measures. (For more on knowledge engineering, visit its Wikipedia entry)

Development, Deployment and Management

Standards and protocols are always changing. Making sure your team always has the most up-to-date protocols and decision support materials can be a challenge. Our team manages communication with professional associations who set standards and will continually update your software to make sure you are in compliance without utilizing any of your IT resources.

If modifications need to be made immediately or on the fly, contact our Knolwedge Engineering team and they can make the modification and deploy it to all of your workstations immediately.


College of American Pathologists' Cancer Protocols

Each time the College of American Pathologists (CAP) releases a new modification to their standards, mTuitive is prepared to comply with that modification and deploy it immediately. Not only do we know all of the right questions to ask, but mTuitive was the first company to license the SNOMED CT encoded CAP Cancer Checklists.

Cancer Care Ontario Cancer Reporting Standards

mTuitive employs a Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) Guarantee that ensures any institution in Ontario reporting cancers to CCO will remain in compliance. We have been able to help many institutions achieve 100% compliance, including:


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