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Macroscopic Pathology Made Easy

xPert for Pathology

Gross Pathology

In mTuitive's quest to provide flexibility to pathologists, the xPert for Gross Pathology solution was created to provide gross (or macroscopic) pathologists with a product that has the same easy-to-use functionality and financial savings of our other products.


  1. Eliminates the financial burden of transcription

  2. Eliminates lag time between gross examination and report completion

  3. Eliminates any errors associated with transcription of voice files

  4. Saves time for pathologists by preloading structured data and using it for automated calculations in final diagnosis report at the microscope

In addition to the ease of xPert for Pathology's true single step sign out, xPert for Gross Pathology captures structured data (in addition to case narratives) at the point of examination. Pathologists receive the gross description in a clear, concise format in a completely automated fashion. Our research has shown that pathologists and their customers are more satisfied by the xPert generated report and its reduced turnaround time as compared to those created through narration and transcription.

Speech Driven User Interface

In collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, the mTuitive Human Factors Division created a completely hands-free, speech recognition driven user interface for structured data capture by pathology assistants and gross technicians while they conduct the gross evaluation of specimens.

Powered by the Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ speech recognition engine, the product allows the gross description to be to directly entered into the pathology report, thereby eliminating the need for expensive transcription services and removing the lag time in the reporting process caused by transcribe-review-edit cycles. The system also standardizes how all pathologists report their findings - ensuring complete and accurate pathology reports. Contact us to learn more about xPert for Gross Pathology


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