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Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center Selects SourcePlus OpNote

Electronic operative report is easier, faster and less expensive than dictation & transcription.

Boston, MA - Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center (MASC) chose SourcePlus OpNote as its operative reporting solution. A multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in Bethesda, MD, MASC selected OpNote because of the many benefits it affords to surgeons and administrators. For the surgeons, OpNote is fast and easy to use, with default reports allowing surgeons to complete their reporting in less time than using dictation. For administration, the reports are signed out immediately and ready to be billed instantaneously.

According to Randy Gross, executive director of MASC, his doctors "are happy with . The physicians are telling me, 'this is great,' 'it's saving me so much time,' and 'I don't know how I did it before.'"

OpNote's synoptic reports automatically capture procedural and diagnosis codes while its structured format makes it easier for billing and coding departments to read. Meanwhile, users are able to quickly complete a comprehensive operative report while ensuring completion and inclusion of all important information.

Mr. Gross selected OpNote after reviewing the common causes for missing reimbursement at his ASC. "Looking at our - for those of you that are Vision users - 'Missing Charges' report and seeing how much of it is due to missing an opnote. My administrative people spending an exorbitant amount of the day chasing the doctors, trying to get them to dictate an opnote, and then chasing them to edit the opnote, and then going back to sign it. These all cause cash flow delays for us."

OpNote has helped alleviate these delays and shifted the burden from administrative personnel to the physicians themselves. "The doctors are very pleased with OpNote now. I'm not finding many that they've missed making. In this system it's hard for them to miss it because it's right there," Mr. Gross continued. "When edits are needed, the system reminds them instead of me having to let them know. It's a simple process and it's quicker."

To find out more about OpNote, please visit or contact mTuitive today at

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mTuitive, Inc. develops data capture and synoptic reporting software to assist health care professionals in recording clinical findings and maintaining compliance with established protocols and guidelines. Our unique method of capturing structured information provides valuable data for pathology, surgery, oncology and cancer staging applications. Our products allow the clinical decision maker to conveniently receive alerts and reference materials directly at the point of care. mTuitive solutions improve care to the patient through quality assurance and error reduction while standardizing and automating manual reporting processes, reducing both time and labor costs. To learn more, visit our website -


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