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Meet Cancer Reporting Requirements with mTuitive

xPert for Pathology

Cancer Reporting

mTuitive has created sets of templates based on the best practice standards for cancer reporting. mTuitive's templates keep your pathology department in compliance with all of the appropriate requirements.

  1. Meet Requirements for Cancer Reports mTuitive templates enable institutions to follow established reporting standards from such professional associations as the College of American Pathologists, Cancer Care Ontario and the Royal College of Pathologists.

  2. Tailor Reports and Templates to Your Institution Each set of templates is a point-of-departure for an institution's implementation - modifications will be made to suit the needs of your institution. mTuitive Knowledge Engineers, clients and partners are constantly developing new templates for synoptic reporting in order to meet your own institution's needs and requirements.

  3. Save Pertinent Cancer Data for Future Reporting The Cancer Data Manager is mTuitive's dynamic and safe data repository that stores information entered into xPert for future reporting, data mining and/or abstraction.

xPert for Pathology - Cancer Reporting helps your institution adhere to and meet the standards and protocols established by various organizations.

Some examples of these checklists/datasets are:

Cancer Centers who maintain accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACS CoC) are required to meet minimum data reporting standards for the classification of malignant tumors. The College of American Pathologists (CAP) developed cancer protocols and checklists to assist pathology and oncology departments in meeting these standards. SNOMED® International, a Division of the CAP, developed the SNOMED CT encoded versions of these checklists. mTuitive, Inc. was the first company to license the SNOMED CT Encoded CAP Cancer Checklists and provides a fully electronic system for synoptic reporting of tumors for all of the checklists. The unique design of the product reduces (or, in many cases, eliminates) the report transcription and data abstraction associated with the cancer registry process.

Royal College of Pathologists' Cancer Datasets

In August 2005, mTuitive became the first company to execute a licensing agreement with The Royal College of Pathologists (London, U.K.) to create an electronic version of cancer reporting datasets developed by the Royal College to standardize the classification and reporting of malignant tumors. The datasets ensure consistency in the application of the standards, which will become required for the reporting of all malignant tumor cases in the United Kingdom. The capture of standardized reporting data will facilitate the automation of cancer registry reporting and data abstraction processes across the British healthcare system.

Develop Your Own

Many institutions have established their own reporting protocols analogous to those of CAP and RCP. Using mTuitive's Agile Author, institutions can easily develop their own protocols to meet the internal standards they have set forth. This gives users the freedom to create more advanced calculations, include specific data elements or organize their reports more to their liking.

Contact us today to speak with pathologists from around the world who are using xPert for Pathology - Cancer Reporting to meet their reporting requirements.


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