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Misys Healthcare Systems Partners with mTuitive to Better Ensure the Accuracy of Cancer Diagnosis

Relationship Streamlines the Capture of Clinical Reports Helping to Optimize Reporting for Anatomic Pathology Laboratories through CoPathPlus from Misys

RALEIGH, N.C. – Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare IT, today announced a partnership with mTuitive, Inc. to better ensure the accuracy of cancer diagnosis in anatomic pathology laboratories. The combined solution uniquely places protocols at the clinical decision makers' fingertips, decreases transcription and other costly services, and enhances the accuracy and immediacy of cancer diagnosis.

mTuitive is a developer of software that assists healthcare professionals in recording clinical findings according to established protocols and guidelines, to provide a structured data reporting (synoptic analysis) solution for anatomic pathology laboratories. CoPathPlus™, Misys’ configurable solution designed to meet laboratory patient care and workflow needs, adopts mTuitive’s interactive software product, xPert for Pathology™, for quickly and easily reporting malignant tumors according to the College of American Pathologists’ Protocols.

“Together, Misys and mTuitive will bring anatomic pathology reporting to a new level by providing clinicians with the most advanced laboratory tools to distinguish clinical findings and ultimately optimize patient care," said Richard Atkin, president of Misys Healthcare Systems Hospital System business unit. "Misys is leveraging technology, offering enhanced solutions to its customers and partners, to support interoperability throughout the healthcare industry."

“Our partnership with Misys and its laboratory products helps to provide the best care and treatment options to patients,” said John Murphy, CEO of mTuitive, Inc. “Surgical pathologists are required to report an increased amount of clinically significant findings. This partnership helps meet the definitive need for a standardized terminology pathology report to clearly pinpoint the most important findings, communicate results among pathologists, oncologists and surgeons, and to quickly and accurately determine the proper treatment.”

About mTuitive: mTuitive, Inc. develops data capture and synoptic reporting software to assist health care professionals in recording clinical findings and maintaining compliance with established protocols and guidelines. Our unique method of capturing structured information provides valuable data for pathology, oncology, and cancer staging applications. Established in 2003, mTuitive, Inc. is based in Massachusetts.


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