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OpNote Update 08.05.11

  1. "Print To..." buttons

  2. On the "Sign Out" screen there are 3 new options of what to do with the report:

  3. Download the standard PDF and automatically select the appropriate driver for printing, faxing, or virtual print-to-EMR functionality

  4. SPEED

  5. Faster "new report" creation - increased speed by 50%.

  6. Many database queries are completely rewritten for optimum speed, leading to huge gains on administrative list screens like dashboard, schedule, to do, etc.

  7. AJAX architecture expanded throughout product, requiring only partial page loads instead of full page refreshes for most screens

  8. Improved caching of common resources like css files, images, and other static content

  9. Redesigned Defaults screen

  10. Grid layout now includes the date your default was created

  11. It's now easier to edit, duplicate, rename and delete defaults using the provided buttons.

  12. Ability to duplicate defaults makes it easier for surgeons to create multiple versions of a single default note - allowing for the minor tweaks that result in different approaches or other small variables.

  13. Cancel Appointments

  14. When a surgeon does not want a to-do item in their queue for whatever reason, they can click "Cancel" to clear it out. Admins can also do this.

  15. Schedule, To-Do, Attention and Signed Out Screens

  16. for surgeons, includes filter by date and more user-friendly "load more" style pagination

  17. for admins, includes filter by surgeon, as well as filter by date and more user-friendly "load more" style pagination

  18. makes it easy for an admin to find all of a particular surgeon's reports for April, for example

  19. Date of Surgery

  20. no longer defaults to today's date, but uses the date in the schedule (unless you are doing a report without an appointment)

  21. New Report without an Appointment

  22. customers can start a report without an appointment directly from the dashboard

  23. Amendments by office staff

  24. Administrators and clerks can initiate amendments on surgeon's reports to make changes for them.

  25. Surgeon must sign out the report again to confirm changes.

  26. Usage Reports

  27. Admins can run a report for a time period they specify that shows how many opnotes were done and how many defaults created for each user

  28. Convert unregistered users

  29. Physician info that comes over the interface often refers to doctors who are not yet users in OpNote.

  30. The unregistered screen shows a list of these doctors and makes it easy for an admin to convert them over to a real user with a login

  31. Any scheduled procedures that have accumulated in the interim are maintained Keep checking in here to learn more about our updates and the changes we're making to OpNote. And if you have an idea for a future update - please contact us today.

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