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Organize and manage your health documents today

Document Manager

mTuitive's Document Manager reduces time spent managing documents and policies, improving productivity by making content easier to find and proactively manages compliance e.g. TJC, ISO/CAP-15189. It reduces risk by enabling effective governance of healthcare information; at the same time ensures that information accessed through a central knowledge base is current and approved.

In short, unite your documents and processes for greater efficiency and compliance.


  1. Reduces risk through good governance and best practices

  2. Increases ROI through low cost of deployment and ownership

  3. Can be deployed using our Cloud server without the need for IT support or your own resources

  4. Improve productivity and agility while meeting TJC, CAP, CLIA, Health Depts. and other requirements

  5. Supports ISO / CAP-15189 Lab Standards and helps support inspections

  6. Users are productive in less than 30 minutes with End-user self-directed training less than 10 minutes

Key Features

Organize and share electronic documents: Manages electronic documents in most file formats. Organizes documents into hierarchies of folders that reflect the different ways in which people work. A single click configures the rules of the folder. You can easily set different levels of permissions. This helps you fine tune the type of access that you want to grant to individuals and groups based on your department or institution's policies.

Checklist Compliance Dashboard: Know with a glance if you are in compliance with your current checklist. Status indicator lights allow you to manage proactively. Simply clicking on the element provides you the details you need to manage to your checklist requirements. Both checklist component items and changes to checklist are configuration controlled for ease of management. Apply custom data to documents: Lets you associate extra information with documents. Metadata is indexed and can be used to easily retrieve and generate reports on documents based on your custom criteria.

Automate change request, task, review and approval processes: Automate document management processes, such as document change requests, document review and approval processes to ensure that they are carried out accurately and consistently according to your own requirements or according to those imposed by regulatory agencies.

Header information automatically applied to "document of record": This helps insure that all printed documents have the required information to insure the document is authorized, approved and the correct version. It also includes a next review or obsolete date as necessary. Our PDF robot places the indicia with the elements you've defined.


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