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Pathology Solutions from mTuitive, Inc.

xPert for Pathology

xPert for Pathology is a workstation that surgical pathologists and their departments use for synoptic reporting and structured data capture. The system provides expert guidance and error checks based on standard, best-of-breed or homegrown protocols. Powered by mTuitive's proprietary expert system software, xPert for Pathology has significant advantages over other reporting options.

xPert for Pathology has templates available for Cancer Reporting, Gross Pathology and all Final Diagnoses. These templates currently cover over 95% of all potential surgical pathology cases, with more being created every month.

Interfaces with Pathology Systems

xPert for Pathology has been interfaced with most leading pathology systems on the market, including Cerner CoPath, Cerner Classic; Sunquest CoPath and PowerPath; MEDITECH Magic, MEDITECH 6.x, and MEDITECH C/S; Cirdan Ultra, Cortex, and many others. For more information about your specific system, please contact us.


  1. Automated compliance with best practices Pathology departments are ensured compliance with in-house and/or national standards - such as the new synoptic reporting requirements set forth by the Commission on Cancer. mTuitive follows all new standards development and, as part of our standard agreement, ensures your department maintains compliance.

  2. Reduction in transcription cost xPert for Pathology provides a true single step sign out by capturing structured data in addition to case narratives at the point of examination. Results are automatically delivered to the pathology system which greatly reduces costs and errors associated with transcription.

  3. Reduction in potential errors Automated calculations and error checks eliminate simple human errors.

  4. Improves value of research data The process makes for accurate collection and comparison of cancer data which directly impacts cancer screening and treatment protocols.

  5. Improves communication and client satisfaction Consistently offers an interpreting clinician quick, complete and concise documentation in a uniformed format. xPert for Pathology uses medically consistent terminology which improves communication and decreases questions from clinicians and cancer registrars. Customers of the pathology report are more satisfied by the reduction in report turnaround time.


  1. Synoptic report Offer data to an interpreting clinician in an easy-to-read format with medically consistent terminology.

  2. Structured data capture Automatically deliver data to software applications and Cancer Registry. Adds the ability to mine data across all pathology reports.

  3. Decision support Provide time saving assistance and error prevention when diagnosing slides.


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