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Updating Agile Releases and AJCC Staging in Pathology Synoptic Reports

mTuitive worked closely with our users to discern there were some inconsistencies with the automatic calculations of AJCC staging in the Vulva and Pharynx electronic Cancer Checklists (eCCs). Following this, it was decided that the entire Pathology Solutions department would dedicate its time to reviewing all of the 8th Edition AJCC staging elements and incorporating them as automatically calculated fields into eCCs (incorporated in our synoptic pathology solutions).

In order to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, in addition to this rigorous testing and conforming with the most up-to-date AJCC staging and accurate calculations, mTuitive is combining these efforts with the 50 eCC agile releases from August 2019 and the 3 agile releases from September 2019. This way there is only one batch update dispatched and everything will be in compliance at the same time. College of American Pathologists (CAP) states that these new staging elements and template updates must be live by May 2020; luckily, mTuitive is all hands on deck with this process and will have these revisions out before then.

While it is a large undertaking to combine these changes, mTuitive is dedicated to ensuring pathologists have the most current information for the best possible reporting and diagnostic work. In addition to total departmental dedication, we are working with multiple consultants at various facilities, CAP, and more to make sure that everything is thoroughly vetted and ensures compliance as well as the best workflow possible for pathologists that will enable these stages to be efficiently and accurately calculated and captured.

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