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Welcome To SourcePlus OpNote

Improves Operative Reporting



Built upon mTuitive’s reporting solution, SourcePlus OpNote is a web-based operative report that is faster and easier than dictation. A cost reducing solution, SourcePlus OpNote accelerates reporting and limits liability due to incomplete documentation.

SourcePlus OpNote is fully integrated with AdvantX, Vision, and SurigSource applications. Surgeons are provided a personalized dashboard with their schedule and list of OpNotes to be completed.

OpNote addresses the key concerns of surgical centers, specialty hospitals, and surgical personnel.

  1. Increase Overall Profits: Eliminate the ongoing cost of transcription and abstraction of surgical reports.

  2. Ease of Use/Physician Adoption: Surgeons can complete and sign operative reports from anywhere. Personalized report defaults allow for completion before leaving the OR.

  3. Operational and Quality Improvement: Facilitate the capture of performance and quality improvement data for enhanced patient care and quality initiatives.

  4. Strengthen Compliance for Risk Management: Checklists are designed to ensure a patient safety process that doubles as a proactive defense against possible malpractice claims.

  5. Accelerate Revenue Cycle: Immediate sign-out and automatic coding accelerates billing cycle.

  6. Secure and HIPAA Compliant: Utilizes strong authentication practices and encryption, logs all user actions for accountability, and provides secure access control to make certain your facility maintains HIPAA Compliance.

  7. Value-added for EHR: By leveraging a structured, standardized reporting process as a component of all reports, users benefit from improved compliance, accuracy, and timely completion of reports.

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