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Work with mTuitive to Create Your Own Solution!

Build Your Own!

Sometimes people are looking for synoptic reporting solutions - or a need to collect structured data - and they don't know how to go about creating it. That's where mTuitive comes in. Combining your expertise in the domain with our experience at crafting efficient software applications, we create intuitive reporting solutions that will work best within your particular workflow.

Our Process

Our Human Factors Division speaks with you about your desired goals - what it is you want to capture and report on and to what end. We examine your current workflow and methods to better understand how to incorporate any new processes into your daily routine.

Part of the discussion will center on which of our many User Interfaces you would like to utilize in your application - or if an entirely new one is needed to meet your needs. We're familiar with applications that are web-based, utilize touchscreen monitors and/or speech control.

Next our Knowledge Engineering Team begins to work on turning your knowledge into the software solution, seamlessly integrating it into your workflow and ensuring that all of the information you need to collect, track or codify is included in the report in the most efficient way possible.

One of our tools for creating unique reports specific to your needs and interests is the Agile Author, mTuitive's software application that creates dynamic synoptic reports that capture structured data.

Our Experience

We've worked with domain experts to create solutions in many fields, including:

  1. TNM Staging

  2. Molecular Diagnostics

  3. Murine Pathology

  4. Radiology

  5. ...and more!

Contact us today to discuss your reporting needs and how best mTuitive can help you!


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