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mTuitive Insight™ enables Aggregation and Sharing of Oncology Data to Gain New Perspectives via Data Mining and Analytics

Cancer Surgeons, Pathologists, Researchers, and Patients will all Benefit from First-of-its-Kind Health Informatics Solution

CENTERVILLE, Mass., October 2, 2023 - mTuitive, a leading provider of data enablement solutions for healthcare, announced its groundbreaking new mTuitive Insight™ engine to give power to structured cancer data and provide a comprehensive view of this data for healthcare providers and researchers.

mTuitive Insight is a single, consolidated database that ties together structured data from any system. By standardizing and normalizing cancer data, mTuitive Insight allows surgeons, pathologists, and researchers to leverage emerging breakthroughs in artificial Intelligence (AI), research dataset generation, and Cancer Registry automation.

Colin Murphy, mTuitive's CEO, said, “We are thrilled to introduce mTuitive Insight to the oncology community, knowing that it will facilitate more informed, data-backed decisions to enhance the delivery of services and improve patient care, resulting in better patient outcomes. mTuitive has been working in the oncology community for over two decades, enabling higher-quality data capture through synoptic reporting. During that time, we have consistently been asked by surgeons, pathologists, and researchers how we can help them use this data to see the bigger picture by collecting more data, standardizing it, and sharing it. mTuitive Insight is the answer.”

How mTuitive Insight Works

mTuitive Insight is a health informatics solution that provides one place to query and report on structured cancer data. As data is standardized across a hospital or health system, that data can be accrued, shared, presented, and analyzed with mTuitive Insight. Ultimately, it can support clinical care, research, and quality programs.

Synoptic reporting is mandated by both the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACS CoC) and mTuitive offers synoptic reporting solutions for both pathology and surgery. With mTuitive Insight, the promises of investigating structured metadata encapsulated by synoptic reporting can now be realized for myriad purposes.

Standard, purpose-built reports are provided with mTuitive Insight that measure performance against standard quality metrics. Bespoke queries and dashboards can be built to support both research and patient care. With the additional goals of collecting and sharing data more easily, mTuitive Insight exports data to all major business intelligence (BI) platforms, complements existing enterprise data warehouse strategies, extends the use of current solutions, and is intuitive to use, even for non-technical users.

An early customer of mTuitive Insight, Dr. van der Westhuizen, Chair of the British Columbia Electronic Synoptic Pathology Program, said, “We needed to have a centralized copy of the data. Otherwise, the data is spread across separate information systems. mTuitive Insight proved to be the golden solution for our problem of having to unite five different health authorities and five different lab information systems, into one integrated solution. With our mTuitive solution, we can easily search, and our data is always current.”

mTuitive Insight supports a wide range of use cases in oncology, surgery, pathology, research, and quality control. Learn more at

About mTuitive:

mTuitive is revolutionizing reporting, data, and analytical software for digital pathology and surgical oncology. The company’s innovative synoptic reporting software allows for the aggregation of a patient's data with thousands of different reports, giving medical professionals new insights and understanding to elevate the standard of care and benefit the patient. By capturing all required data and ensuring standards compliance, hospitals and surgery centers can improve efficiency and accuracy. With a commitment to continued innovation, mTuitive is at the forefront of shaping the future of medicine, enabling the best minds in healthcare to make better decisions and provide the best possible outcomes for patients. Learn more at


Media Contact:

Maria Doyle
Doyle Strategic Communications (for mTuitive)

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