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Community Hospital Partners with mTuitive for Synoptic Reporting and Pilots Oncology Data Engine

mTuitive Solutions Support Hospital’s Reporting and Accreditation Compliance

Community Hospital Partners with mTuitive for Synoptic Reporting and Pilots Oncology Data Engine

CENTERVILLE, MA, January 8, 2024 - Community Hospital in Grand Junction Colorado has recently partnered with mTuitive to integrate the company’s Pathology and Surgery synoptic reporting solutions into their processes to effectively capture structured data. mTuitive’s data capture and synoptic reporting software assists health care professionals in recording clinical findings while maintaining compliance with established protocols. In addition, Community Hospital will pilot mTuitive Insight™, the company’s new ground-breaking engine for the aggregation and sharing of oncology data.

Synoptic reporting is mandated by both the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACS CoC). mTuitive offers synoptic reporting solutions for both pathology and surgery and with mTuitive Insight™, the promises of investigating structured metadata can now be realized for a myriad of purposes.

The solutions included in the agreement:

  • mTuitive Pathology, a synoptic reporting solution for pathologists to efficiently capture the diagnostic data contained in the electronic Cancer Protocols and ensure that laboratories remain in constant compliance with every content update and documentation requirement that is released.

  • mTuitive Surgery, a synoptic reporting solution for surgeons that captures important and required procedure information postoperatively and improves continuity of care via a web-based report. Faster and easier than dictation, it ensures compliance with standards and reduces incomplete documentation.

  • mTuitive Insight is a single, consolidated database that ties together structured data, from any healthcare IT system. mTuitive Insight is the engine that gives power to structured cancer data and provides a comprehensive view of this data for healthcare providers and researchers.

Dr. Thomas Tobin, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Information Officer for Community Hospital, said, “mTuitive integrates its reporting applications into our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, MEDITECH Expanse, giving providers at Community Hospital a standardized workflow to capture the critical data elements required for CAP and CoC Accreditation. Our latest partnership with mTuitive, will be to utilize this structured data to gain insights into quality metrics, outcomes, etc. Reporting with structured data is key to the accurate extraction of data for analytics or building compliance dashboards, tasks which prior to mTuitive's involvement, would require significant manual efforts to complete.”

Colin Murphy, CEO of mTuitive, said, “Forward-looking cancer centers like Community Hospital are doing everything they can to enhance the delivery of services and improve patient care. Starting with synoptic reporting for pathology and surgery, and then aggregating and sharing this data via mTuitive Insight, gives power to structured cancer data and provides a comprehensive view for health care providers.”

Community Hospital is an early adopter in the cancer accreditation reporting and oncology structured data space, which drove this partnership with mTuitive. The Community Hospital team prides itself on delivering personalized care to their patients, and in working closely with medical care providers in treating the whole person.

About Community Hospital:

Community Hospital is a Level III Trauma Center offering full outpatient diagnostic services

and inpatient care for the Western Slope region of Colorado and eastern Utah. Community Hospital brings together expert staff and world-class technology in a healing, family-centered environment. For more

 information, please visit

About mTuitive:

mTuitive is revolutionizing reporting, data, and analytical software for digital pathology and surgical oncology. The company’s innovative synoptic reporting software allows for the aggregation of a patient's data with thousands of different reports, giving medical professionals new insights and understanding to elevate the standard of care and benefit the patient. By capturing all required data and ensuring standards compliance, hospitals and surgery centers can improve efficiency and accuracy. With a commitment to continued innovation, mTuitive is at the forefront of shaping the future of medicine, enabling the best minds in healthcare to make better decisions and provide the best possible outcomes for patients. Learn more at

Media Contact:

Maria Doyle
Doyle Strategic Communications (for mTuitive)

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