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mTuitive, Inc. and Gestalt Diagnostics Partner For Enhanced Pathology Reporting

Bringing structured reporting together with digital pathology workflow.

mTuitive, Inc. and Gestalt Diagnostics Partner For Enhanced Pathology Reporting

October 11, 2022

BOSTON, MA, and SPOKANE, WA— mTuitive, Inc. and Gestalt Diagnostics announced their new strategic partnership engineered to vastly enhance reporting for pathology laboratories. Gestalt Diagnostics is the leading digital pathology solution provider that enables streamlined workflows for physicians. They are partnering with mTuitive, Inc., the worldwide leader in medical structured reporting who maintain compliance with reporting standards with their pathology solutions that also offer logic branching, calculations, and improved efficiency.

“More labs are recognizing the need to transition to digital pathology and that’s a space where Gestalt Diagnostics delivers,” says Colin Murphy, CEO of mTuitive. “We are excited to be partnering with such a company and look forward to offering more solutions that will continue to improve the reporting of such crucial information by so many hardworking pathologists.”

The newly created interface between the two will create a seamless workflow that utilizes the key data captured in both mTuitive solutions as well as Gestalt Diagnostic’s solutions. The result will be a streamlined experience for pathologists who are assured of reporting on the most vital information in the best way possible as efficiently as possible.

“Both companies greatly value the power of data being collected by pathologists and recognize the need to use this for improved patient care,” says Gestalt COO & Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa-Jean Clifford. “By combining the two solutions, mTuitive and Gestalt are able to improve the comprehensiveness of the information being recorded, the ease of gathering it, and the power of distributing it to other physicians as well as for multiple downstream uses.”

The integration will be available for customers of both companies as well as others who are curious.

About mTuitive, Inc.

Based out of Massachusetts, mTuitive was the first company to license the Cancer Protocols content from the CAP for pathology and the ACS for surgery. mTuitive has been leading the way with synoptic reporting in healthcare since 2003. Co-founded by a surgical pathologist who saw how much powerful information is locked inside unsearchable, unstructured text. The company developed new technology and proprietary authoring tools to create reports that would be easy-to-use for physicians, vastly improving the workflow while ensuring comprehensiveness of the reports and gained much success worldwide through its innovative approaches. Eventually partnering with the College on the CAP eFRM pathology reporting solution, mTuitive has also created similar reporting offerings for surgery, mental health, radiology, and more. Find more information at www.mtuitive.comor by calling 508.771.5800. Follow @mTuitive

About Gestalt Diagnostics

Gestalt Diagnostics transforms pathology through an intelligent, configurable, vendor-neutral, and AI-driven digital workflow that provides true interoperability enabling pathologists to diagnose diseases faster and more efficiently. Our PathFlow® solution is a cloud-based digital pathology enterprise platform that can easily be customized based on your specific preferences. Our platform consists of professional, education, and research modules for ease of mixing and matching the digital needs of your facility in a single solution, freeing pathologists from tedious, repetitive, and manual tasks allowing them to focus on their expertise, providing their invaluable experience where it matters most. To learn more, visit

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