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mTuitive and PathPresenter Partner for Improved Pathology Experience

Bringing Structured Pathology Reporting and Compliance to Digital Pathology Workflow

mTuitive and PathPresenter Partner for Improved Pathology Experience

October 12, 2022

BOSTON, MA and MONTVILLE, NJ –mTuitive, Inc. and PathPresenter Corporation today announced a new partnership to deliver an enhanced pathologist reporting experience that will unify powerful digital tools, AI algorithms, and synoptic reporting to produce precise, comprehensive, data-driven reports that enable precision patient care and unparalleled retrospective analysis. Together, the two organizations bring their medical and technical expertise to laboratories and hospitals ensuring compliance with national requirements while fueling important analytic and reporting work downstream. mTuitive’s flagship product, CAP eFRM™, integrates with PathPresenter image management system using the latest SMART-on-FHIR technology for a seamless interface that boosts efficient workflows for their users.

The partnership fuels the tight integration between PathPresenter and mTuitive, allowing PathPresenter to prepopulate fields in CAP eFRM, pulled directly from PathPresenter’s digital viewer. This boosts physician efficiency without any detriment to the quality or completeness of their work — in fact, required fields and other operations improve and ensure comprehensiveness of these reports, which can be signed out directly in PathPresenter, xPert, or the laboratory’s information system.

“As digital adoption in pathology grows, healthcare providers will need to develop clear strategies for effectively managing the workload that faces the dwindling pathologist population,” commented Imogen Fitt, Market Analyst at Signify Research. “Automating and standardizing the reporting process will increase efficiency by enabling pathologists to focus on more complex tasks. Ultimately this will be essential in providing the short-term ROI providers seek.”

A customized pre-analytic workflow starts in the PathPresenter image management system by prioritizing cases to be reviewed. Contextually understood data is extracted using AI algorithms run on the images and prepopulates critical diagnostic values into reporting protocols in CAP eFRM. CAP eFRM allows the pathologist to complete their diagnosis and build a comprehensive synoptic report that can be signed out or returned to the APLIS. In the analytical phase, real-time results are exchanged between PathPresenter’s powerful real-time tools, third-party plug-ins, and CAP eFRM. Discrete, coded data is retained with the annotated images for future use. The structured data in CAP eFRM and PathPresenter can be searched and utilized for reporting and analytics, sharing downstream with data lakes and registries, and variety of services like identifying images to train machine learning models, validating AI results, or identifying appropriate tissue for research projects.

“Automating reporting workflow will be a boon to digital pathology adoption in institutions,” added Patrick Myles, CEO of PathPresenter. “Partnering with reporting workflow leader, mTuitive, is an important step forward to help deliver on the promise of increased efficiency in digital workflows.”

“This partnership will unleash the power of the data that pathologists collect while also continuing to make for more accurate and more efficient reporting,” said Colin Murphy, CEO of mTuitive, Inc.

mTuitive and PathPresenter maintain standards put forth by organizations like College of American Pathologists (CAP) promoting best practices for reporting and compliance with accreditation requirements. The information captured through the digital viewer and within the reports can also be SNOMED-CT coded to assist in better communication between physicians and even faster workflow within the laboratory’s system.

About mTuitive, Inc.

Based out of Massachusetts, mTuitive was the first company to license the Cancer Protocols content from the CAP for pathology and the ACS for surgery. mTuitive has been leading the way with synoptic reporting in healthcare since 2003. Co-founded by a surgical pathologist who saw how much powerful information is locked inside unsearchable, unstructured text. The company developed new technology and proprietary authoring tools to create reports that would be easy-to-use for physicians, vastly improving the workflow while ensuring comprehensiveness of the reports and gained much success worldwide through its innovative approaches. Eventually partnering with the College on the CAP eFRM pathology reporting solution, mTuitive has also created similar reporting offerings for surgery, mental health, radiology, and more. Find more information at www.mtuitive.comor by calling 508.771.5800. Follow us @mTuitive

About PathPresenter

PathPresenter is the image sharing platform for pathology, on a mission to democratize access to the world’s pathology knowledge by connecting pathologists to the vast expertise of their colleagues globally and providing a practical platform to access and use best-in-class AI models. Founded in 2017 by dermatopathologist and digital pathology pioneer, Dr. Rajendra Singh, PathPresenter has been adopted by 25+ tier one medical institutions for clinical care, education, and research, and has built a thriving community of 45,000+ users in 172 countries to easily view and share digital pathology images and knowledge. For more information visit

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