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mTuitive Expands Software Development Team

The leader in data enablement solutions for digital pathology and surgical oncology adds three new members to the software development team

mTuitive Expands Software Development Team

CENTERVILLE, Mass., April 10, 2023

mTuitive, a leading provider of data enablement solutions for healthcare, is pleased to announce the addition of three new software professionals to its team. These new hires will help further engineer the company's innovative solutions and enhance its industry-leading position in oncology reporting.

"We are thrilled to welcome Chris Keene, Damini Narkhede, and Ananya Chakraborty to our team," said Colin Murphy, CEO of mTuitive. "Their experience and knowledge will be invaluable to us as we continue to develop cutting-edge synoptic reporting and analytics solutions for our customers in the healthcare industry."

mTuitive’s software expertise is changing the game in the world of digital pathology and surgical oncology with its advanced reporting, data, and analytical solutions. In the past, medical record data was siloed, preventing healthcare professionals from gaining valuable insights to improve patient outcomes. mTuitive’s synoptic reporting solutions help to break down those barriers to improve the standard of care, advance clinical research, and enhance precision medicine.

Chris Keene, a software engineer, is a resident of Holyoke, MA, and brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology to mTuitive. He has previously worked at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, one of mTuitive's valued customers, as well as working with Lockheed Martin for over a decade.

Damini Narkhede, a software engineer, is a resident of Framingham, MA, and has recently completed her master’s degree in IT project management from Wilmington University and has spent five years working in software development roles.

Ananya Chakraborty, a software developer, is a resident of Cambridge, MA, and has recently completed her master’s degree in computer science at Boston University. She has previously worked at Accenture for two years.

About mTuitive:

mTuitive is at the forefront of shaping the future of reporting, data, and analytical software for digital pathology and surgical oncology. Historically, when medical record data is dictated and transcribed, it gets stuck. When a single patient’s data can be aggregated with the results of a thousand different reports, the patient benefits because the entire standard of care is elevated. In addition, hospitals and surgery centers can effectively capture all required data and ensure standards compliance. As the originator of synoptic reporting software, mTuitive continues to lead the industry with continuous innovation, enabling the best minds in medicine to discover new insights and understanding. Learn more at

Media Contact:

Maria Doyle
Doyle Strategic Communications (for mTuitive)

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